Part 1 : My first steps

All right, let's start from the beginning: exploring Photoshop.

Since I've never used Photoshop before, I know nothing. I just opened the software and I'm a little lost. What is that? There are buttons and menus everywhere and I don't know where to start:

TIP: During this whole situation, you will need to repeatedly switch between your browser and Photoshop.
Did you know that you can quickly toggle between several opened windows by simultaneously pressing on the "Alt" and "TAB" keys?

I can start visiting the link below, the page contains a few videos that will give me a good starting point:

Important: There is a link at the top of the page to download the working files. Those are necessary in order to do the exercises while you watch the video. You will become much better if you actually practise hands-on, not just simply watch the videos.

I will click on the button below when I'm finished the exercises in the videos.