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Ms. Paige, a teacher where I go to school, is planning a student trip to New York City in May. It's October and there's still plenty of time, but there is a lot to do: students need to be recruted, some fund raising needs to be done, etc.

Ms. Paige has asked me to help her and create a poster that will be put up everywhere in the school to promote the trip. I've decided to design the poster in Photoshop. However, I don't know much about this software and I will need to proceed step by step in order to learn how to use it properly.

Below are the steps I will need to follow:


  1. Planning my project
  2. My first steps
  3. Resizing Ms. Paige's picture
  4. Colour adjustments for Ms. Paige's picture
  5. Starting the layout for the poster
  6. Fine tuning the colours on the NYC photo
  7. Selecting the Statue of Liberty
  8. Selecting only the Brooklyn Bridge
  9. Touching up the main image
  10. Changing the colour of Ms. Paige's shirt
  11. Creating a fog over the river
  12. Placing text on the image
  13. Placing the photo of Ms. Paige
  14. The car wash poster

But first things first.
Let's move on to the next page
to plan my project...